Having a breakfast is mandatory, skipping breakfast would harm you more than you can imagine and so on.

You’ve been hearing and reading about the importance of breakfast to sustain a busy day but we would say its better to skip an ‘unhealthy’ breakfast rather than eating something that can harm you more than what skipping a breakfast will do.

Unsure about what we mean?

There is a variety of proven healthy food online which suggests you to have them in every meal you have including a breakfast but how about you find for nutrients food online? Your breakfast story should narrate your well-being and thus, you must have breakfast items that are packed with nutrients.

Here are 3 best breakfast items packed with nutrients to make your day happy and healthy…

1. Eggs

A mandatory and full of proteins, you won’t afford to skip eggs in breakfast if you are a true eggetarian.

Research has suggested having eggs for breakfast increases the feeling of fullness and it also reduces calorie intake till the next meal you can have. For diabetic people, egg helps in maintaining normal blood sugar and insulin levels. The yellow part in egg i.e. the yolk has lutein and zeaxanthin. These are the antioxidants that help prevent eye disorders. For brain and liver health, the egg has Choline. The egg helps in modifying LDL cholesterol i.e. the bad cholesterol.

Having 3 large eggs will provide you about 20 grams of ultimate-quality protein. If you are traveling, you can take boiled eggs with you for enough energy throughout the day.

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2. Coffee

Along with your healthy breakfast, you can always a cup of coffee (but not more than that) for your breakfast.

Coffee is a great beverage to start your day fresh. Coffee is known to improve your mood, alertness, and even your mental performance. The main component of coffee i.e. caffeine increases metabolic rate and may burn some extra fat. Coffee also reduces inflammation and protects the cells inside your blood vessels, decreases the risk of diabetes and liver diseases.

3. Oatmeal

May sound like baby food but believe us, it isn’t one. For cereal lovers, oatmeal is the best friend. Made with ground oats, oatmeal is full of fiber called oat beta glucan. This fiber is known to reduce your cholesterol.

Oats are also known for their antioxidant properties which is beneficial for heart health and controlling blood pressure. If you are one of the gluten conscious people, do check for their purity. Some oat facilities process the oats with gluten-containing grains which may introduce gluten to oats. Enjoy the oats by ordering oats online.

Remember, one cup of cooked oatmeal contains around 6-grams of protein which is not sufficient to say its a high-protein breakfast. But with some fruits, you can make it protein rich.

You can cook the oats and then have them with milk to increase its potency as protein rich breakfast.

Oats can replace your cravings for cereal snacks made with corn or wheat.

So, folks, that’s all for today. We will be adding some more breakfast items full of nutrients for you, meanwhile, checkout our breakfast collection at MyValue365 where you can order nutrients food online and get them delivered at your doorstep. We also have some ready-to-eat breakfast foods too.