Having a sip or two or more while working at an office used to be our long gone habit. We always wanted to order beverages online including that coffee from some popular brand across the block. And since we are working from home, some of us haven’t got rid of this habit. You might think why should I get rid of this energy drink?

Well, other than some amazing benefits, there are many thing coffee is adversely affecting our body. What???

Extra consumption of coffee may raise blood pressure.

Coffee may induce insomnia.

Coffee can cause indigestion.

Coffee can cause headache and there are 15 or more.

Are you still interested in that beaten coffee?

We are not saying you should completely get rid of coffee, but at least you can replace it with some healthy drinks and MyValue365 is going to suggest you some healthy drinks to replace your daily coffee. So, order beverages online with MyValue365 and read on to know more about these drinks…

1. Kombucha Tea

We think you might have heard about it but haven’t know about it much. Kombucha is one of a kind yeast. When the tea is mixed with this Kombucha along with sugar and additional flavors, there you have Kombucha tea. Many people are confused with the benefits of the Kombucha tea but some say it’s beneficial for treating memory loss, preventing cancer, regulating bowel movements, and helping with high blood pressure and more. Order tea online here.

2. Probiotic Drinks

A wide range of probiotic drinks is available with us too. These shimmering drinks give different strains of active experiences of live probiotics. As normal people, you are not aware of these facts. Researchers say the introduction of some friendly bacteria is always necessary for the healthy intestine and hence probiotic drinks are good for you. Probiotic drinks are known to regulate digestive health, maintaining gut health, and boost the immune system.

3. Coconut Water

Coconut water is getting the most popular drink nowadays including some brands introducing powdered and instant coconut water. Coconut has a naturally sweet flavor with bioactive enzymes and electrolytes. We would always suggest you coconut water over the coffee. While you order groceries online with us, do check out if we have some fresh coconuts in stock.

4. Sparkling Water

While it isn’t the most exciting beverage in the world, sparkling water is an alternative to coffee that refreshes you. Especially when flavored with organic, sugar free, natural, fruit extracts, sparkling water is tasty and hydrating.

5. Hot Apple Cider

Hot apple cider’s sweet and tangy taste offers its own unique pick-me-up in lieu of caffeine, and its soothing comfort is simply satisfying as of coffee on a chilled fall or cold mornings. Along with its natural sweetness, apples being the important ingredient, apple cider has many health benefits not available in coffee.

Well, this list doesn’t complete here.

We will be adding some other healthful tips for you.

So, keep reading this space and order groceries online.

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