KOKUM Concentrate (ಕೋಕಂ ಜ್ಯೂಸ್)


INGREDIENTS: • Dry kokum (Natural) • Water • Jaggery (Chemical Free) • Roasted cumin powder (Natural) • Black salt • Black Pepper (Natural)

METHOD TO USE THE CONCENTRATE: Take 10 – 15% of concentrate and 85 % of water with few ice cubes and relish the juice in this season 🙂


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Summers have descended upon us, and the sweltering heat is making us want to sip on some cooling and hydrating drinks. And, what is better than drinking KOKUM sharbat, which is not just good for our taste buds, but also has many health benefits. KOKUM is a fruit that belongs to the same family as mangosteen and is said to have culinary and medicinal uses. It is a beautiful dark purple coloured fruit, with a botanical name Garcinia Indica, that has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties, which help stimulate our digestion. Moreover, the fruit is known to reduce body heat, making you feel cool and fresh. KOKUM Concentrate made without any preservative or additives. HOW DOES KOKUM TASTE? Kokum is sweet in taste, but acidic in nature. Dried kokum peels are exceptionally sour and metallic with sort-of sweet aroma, which is why it is best used in curries and drinks.

QUALITY: For us the quality becomes all the more important, as most of our products are used by the people of all age group, so we ensure that we always use natural healthy products. We work in line with the best of global practices and quality Control measures prevalent in the industry. The entire range is divided into multi level of checkpoints, and we make sure that final product coming is stamped with highest quality.


200 gm, 1 ltr




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