RAGI MALT - ರಾಗಿ ಮಾಲ್ಟ್


RAGI MALT is a drink made using Ragi Flour (Finger Millet) & Other Cereals. It’s one of the healthy drink packed with nutrition and taste INGREDIENTS: Ragi ☘️ I Red Lobia ☘️ I Moong Whole ☘️ I Madke Kalu ☘️ I Horse Gram ☘️ I Black Chana ☘️ I Urad Whole ☘️ I Foxtail Millet ☘️ I Pearl Millet ☘️ I Barley ☘️ I Little Millet ☘️ I Sabudana ☘️ I Fenugreek ☘️


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Preparation Method: Serving 2 Cups Take 2 Cups of Water, keep it for Boiling Take 2 Table Spoon full of FreshOn.in RAAGI MALT Powder, mix it in half cup normal water, Make sure mix well Add Powder mixed water to Boiled water, keep stirring. And Boil well for 2 minutes Now add half a cup of milk (Optional) and stir well and Boil for 1 minute off the stove and add required amount of FreshOn.in Chemical Free Jaggery and mix well.. Serve Warm, stir in between to avoid layer farming Enjoy the Nutritious, Taste RAAGI MALT


200 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg


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